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Florida Personal Delivery Devices in Tallahassee Legislation

Florida Senator Jeff Brandes Introduces Personal Delivery Devices Bill SB 460

Florida Personal Delivery Devices in Tallahassee Legislation

Is this the future in Florida? Senator Jeff Brandes knows!

Although Florida law currently does not contain any provisions relating specifically to registration of Personal Delivery Devices (“PDDs”) or required insurance to cover damages caused by their operation, a bill scheduled to be heard tomorrow by the Florida Senate Committee on Transportation would require such coverage if ultimately passed.

Committee members will consider SB 460 relating to Personal Delivery Devices by Senator Jeff Brandes as part of their March 14, 2017 agenda.

Senator Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg) filed SB 804, electronic health records

Florida Senator Jeff Brandes is On the National Technology Forefront

SB 460 would create a law requiring a PDD operator to maintain an insurance policy that provides general liability coverage of at least $100,000 for damages that may arise from PDD operation.

According to a Senate analysis of the bill, PDDs are considered to be a potential supplement to traditional delivery services by eliminating “the largest inefficiency in the delivery chain, the last mile.”

They are described as devices that typically travel on sidewalks, crossing roadways when necessary, and can carry items within a relatively small radius from stores or other hubs.  Low-weight and low-speed, they can carry roughly the equivalent of two grocery bags.

Resembling a box on wheels, PDDs can navigate around objects and people.  Using a combination of mobile technology, the devices operate on integrated navigation and obstacle avoidance software that enable autonomous movement, but human operators may step in to ensure safety.

A similar House bill, CS/HB 601 by State Representative Jayer Williamson, unanimously passed its first of three committees of reference.  Tomorrow’s scheduled hearing for SB 460 marks its first of three committees it must pass as well.

For complete bill information, click here.

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